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The club began in 1992 over the kitchen table at Karl & Penny Lechowski's home in Mississauga, Ontario. The founding members (in no particular order) were: Cathy Herring, Karl & Penny Lechowski, Dan Pavlov, Yvonne & Sean Mangan and John Hamilton. The founding Board was:
President - Cathy Herring, VP - John Hamilton, Secretary/Treasurer - Yvonne Mangan.
At that time we were solely a NAHRA club as CKC hunt tests did not exist then. Our first NAHRA Hunt Test was held in June of 1993 and our first roster of judges consisted of:
Kent Repka, Jim Herman, Seth Hochberg, John Hamilton, Rex Bell and Dan Kotarski. The test was a great success, the attendance was good as it was the first ever Hunt Test held in Ontario and people were looking for an alternative to competitive field trials and somewhere to go with their dogs after they completed the Working Certificate levels.
In 1993 we also held our first Annual Singles Championship where the dogs competed against each other based on their marking skills and the winner received a trophy. These continued until the CKC Hunt Tests began.
The club became recognised by the CKC in 1994 and as a requirement of this our constitution had to be rewritten to include the CKC requirements.
Our first Working Certificate Tests were held in 1995 and the judges were:
WC - George Townsend and Dennis Ritchie
WCI/WCX - Orley Hamilton and Peter Wyckoff
In August Joe & Arch Letta came up from Shortsville, New York to present a two day training seminar for the members. Everybody had a great time and learned a lot about training for hunt tests.
In 1996 a training clinic organised by Yvonne Mangan was held on John Hamilton's property where members enjoyed a two day session with Professional Trainers Jim and Phyllis Dobbs from California.
Our first CKC Hunt Test was held September 13, 1997 and it was a single Junior and single Senior. We combined this event with our Singles Championship which was held the following day. In 1997 we held our first Master Hunt Test.

Today our club still holds an annual CKC Hunt Test, and we also continue to hold picnic trials during the winter months. Check out the events page for details!



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